Welcome. My approach is about collaboration, acceptance, and change. I will listen to your story. I will challenge you to be honest with yourself and with me in recognizing your strengths and limitations. As you gain comfort and confidence with yourself, you will be able to take steps toward the life you want to lead. Ultimately, my goal is to help you embrace your unique identity and life experiences, understand your reactions to what life brings you, and feel empowered to face challenges and enjoy your life.

How does this work?

First, most clients choose to set up a phone consultation. This lasts about thirty minutes. It gives you a chance to share what is bringing you into therapy and see if we are a good fit. The phone consultation gives you a chance to ask me questions: about the therapeutic process, scheduling, insurance, or my experience and training. If for any reason I do not think I would be able to provide the best care for your specific situation, I will offer you referrals to other professionals who could help.  Sometimes people prefer to simply schedule an intake session and wait to talk more till we have met in person. That is fine too.

Next, the intake session. Here is where we begin to explore your story. I ask about the broader life context that sets the stage for your current issue of concern. I will often ask about your family of origin, your current living situation, key moments in identity development, strengths, passions, and losses. Since this is the first time we are meeting, and I understand that it often takes awhile to build up enough trust to be vulnerable with another person, I expect that you will only share as much as you are comfortable talking about. This is your time.

After the intake, we can set up a recurring weekly appointment. Having a set schedule for our meetings ensures that I can offer you a time each week. Weekly sessions allow the progress and conversation of therapy to proceed relatively uninterrupted and provides space between sessions to contemplate what we have talked about, see how it shows up in your interactions with your world and other people, and let it settle.

If you have any other questions, please give me a call at 206.569.8748 or email me at